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Music is
The Ultimate Music Platform.
Powered by Blockchain, NFTs and AI.
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You are in charge.
Upload your Music
Transfer your master to Meteora, and let the system be in charge.
Select your Blockchains
With a single clic, own your music rights across public blockchains.
Music is Yours!
Your music is now your NFT: copy, trade, sell, put it in streaming...

A true all-in-one Music Platform
to enjoy, sell, create and manage music

Welcome to Meteora, the Layer-2 Multi-Blockchain, NFT-based internet of music and Metaverse, backed by AI. Truly own, upload and listen to Hi-Q music, trade your NFTs on the Marketplace, manage your music rights on the Blockchain, and more.

Music NFT Collection

Truly own and enjoy all the music you acquired on the Metaverse with a state-of-the-art music app.

Full Music Publishing Control

Choose the format in which you want users to access your music: streaming, album, subscription... You name it.

Crypto/NFT Marketplace

Buy, sell, auction your NFT music, as well as collectibles, goodies and items on the marketplace.

On-Chain Music Stats

Full transparency as for all playing and selling stats, all recorded on-chain.

Instant & Buffer Pay

Choose whether you receive your payouts instantly per transaction, or gather it to minimize blockchain fees.

Licencing Center

Manage, grant and sell your on-chain licences to internal and external entities, social media, video makers...

Dedicated Music Socials

Fully featured music social media system for every user, highlighting the activities & achievements, collabs...

Open Gaming Platform

Play and collect NFT rewards in games using the published music, and if you are a dev, you can make your own too.

Powered by the
Next-Gen Layer-2 Blockchain.
METEORA is using Lunaris.core, our in-house, Industrial Grade Layer-2 Blockchain and Protocol, allowing for highly scalable, secure and instant transactions on public chains.
Your Music Rights.
On the Blockchains.
Your creation is still yours wherever you are, and on Meteora and its, it is no different!
Dispatch your music over all the available public blockchains, and truly own your masters. Buy, sell, grant licences, manage royalties... And much more!

Meet our team

We are Lunaris Incorporation, a french tech company based in the heart of Paris, France. Together, we have worked years for many big and small companies in Web, Audio, Embedded Systems and Blockchain.

Lunaris Inc.

Nes B.

CEO & Founder - Dev


Kevin Beaumont

Chief DevOps - Dev


Louis Gonfreville

AI Expert - Dev


Naji Astier

CTO - Dev


Polina Chebanova

UI/UX Designer


Yuliya Apanasenko

Project Manager

MVP - Audio System
Bennington Phase
Late 2021
Multi Chain Capability
Shinoda Phase
Q4 2021
Streaming Init.
Delson Phase
Q1 2022
Farell Phase
Q3 2022
Social System
Hahn Phase
Q3 2022
Public Beta Launch
Bourdon Phase
Q4 2022
AI Layer
Bkg. Phase
During 2022
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